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Hey all got the address.

One last question. I went to OXXO and went there and gave them the 16 digit code that i received after clicking the buy it now to pay the item.

When i gave them the code, by showing it to them on my phone, they were confused what it was. Last time i paid an electric bill this way and it was no issue. He then asked me if it was for mercado libre and i said yes... but i don't think that is the right way of payment as he clicked on that on the computer etc. So when he entered that 16 digit code after clicking on the mercado libre option,,, it did not go through. What am i suppose to mention it is for then? I had thought when you give them a 16 digit code, isn't that for a bank account?

Paga $ 571.00 en la tienda OXXO más cercana
Díctale este código al cajero y listo.

Is the message i receive on my computer after i clicked purchase on the item and then put the address down on mercado libre website.

Am i suppose to just say payment to this account number xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx ?

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