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Originally Posted by Sogno View Post
To me, that makes no sense. It would be much easier, and cheaper to simply water the booze down. Now that I have heard of.

Why would establishments want to make booze "stronger"? What's their reasoning? They don't have enough vomit to clean up, and want more? To take advantage of the drunkin tourist? How sinister. Oooh, just like the TV shows, right?.
Who says they want it 'stronger'?
If this is done, production is unregulated....maybe sometimes the bootlegged stuff is stronger, maybe sometimes it's weaker. Maybe they both water it down AND swap in bootlegged stuff. Maybe 90% of the bars and resorts do neither. Who knows?

you seem upset about something. Hope it's not at me, as I never said anything about drugging tourists to rob them or rape them. Or for the hospital to. I tend to not believe most of those stories, although I'm sure that happens at times, like it does elsewhere in the world.
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