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Originally Posted by Rissask View Post
Is it really that hard to believe that some of the hard alcohol at bars and resorts is bootlegged, in order to make more money?

Are some of the resorts run by cartels? Do they have a lot of ethics?

I get the inclination to scoff and deny, but it's looking like yes, in fact, this is being done (mixing bootlegged booze in with the 'real' stuff) it's been done in many countries over the years, it's nothing new.

Seems the danger is maybe the stuff is stronger, therefore 6 shots = more like ten or twelve (plus over-pouring and over-serving)- is that not possible with unregulated alcohol?
The thing is that it's much cheaper to produce alcohol at a large modern facility from all sorts of high sugar content mashes than to do so in someone's home still, and if you're supplying resorts you certainly need large scale production. So the most likely scenario is the "bootlegging" is mostly in the form of the resort getting the booze directly from the factory instead of going through the official channels and paying distribution costs and taxes, or that it's alcohol that's been smuggled from some low cost of production country.

On the same note, getting higher alcohol content than 40%-ish requires a multi-step process, so bootleggers are unlikely to provide you with something much stronger than that.
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