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Originally Posted by pauly01 View Post
Hey all got a question to those of you who have izzi. I have izzi internet only and i pay 400 pesos a month. Recently it went up to 420 pesos i believe. I recalled that if you wanted a tv plan along with it, it was so ridiculous where you only pay something like 100 pesos extra or something? I went to the izzi site and i took a look and its like 430 pesos for internet and tv. But i notice that the internet is slower like 10mbps as oppose to 20 mbps. However, im pretty sure i have 10mbps.

Is there a reason why it cost so little to add TV with your internet? I don't have a tv and haven't watched television in a while already. But i don't know why anyone with a tv would not add cable tv to their izzi plan.
Because there are better options for watching TV.
People have "cut the cable".
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