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Originally Posted by sanluisdavid View Post
I try to look on he bright side. Looks like on pace for about 270 murders in Quintana Roo for the year. 1.36 million population. So less than 20 murders per 100K population. About the same as Cincinnati. And that does not even take into consideration almost 10 million visitors coming to QR per year. So with those statistics I don't even know why they are putting out warnings. How many of the murders this year have been tourists? Doesn't seem like hardly any.
Bright side? Wow...Playa is under siege by worldwide media for the shootings this year and the illicit alcohol.
Doesn't get much better that this to convince friends to change their minds about visiting the area for the first time.

We have had as many shootings in our small US city this year but they are not in public places and are not a danger to residents and others. It's hard to minimize the potential danger to visitors with the Playa shootings this year, and the news and various forums are reporting the violence on a daily basis and the hype is tremendous from the "Don't go to Mexico" folks...

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