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Yes, we have the same concerns, and of course the statistics are meaningless to anyone living or visiting Playa. Quoting that is akin to hiding one's head in the sand, at least to anyone who really cares about the impact on Playa.

We plan to be living near Playa soon after having a place built. When we chose to live there over several other places in the Carib and Mexico we felt extremely safe in and around Playa. This blatant gunfire in broad daylight and in the tourist areas of Cancun and Playa was not even something to be imagined, let alone feared, and the cartel activities were hardly discussed on these forums. Since the BMI shootings in January the continued shootings have become a part of Playa, and most of us are in a different place, just hoping something somehow changes the current trend and we can go back to what it was...

But that looks like a pipe dream, I'm afraid; the change has come, and I don't see any return to the Playa we felt safer in...There's always hope though...
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