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Certainly it's something to be aware of so you can take common sense precautions and maybe avoid Fifth more than usual, especially late at night. But generally speaking, tourists' safety is really no less than it has been before they issued the new warnings- tourists aren't targeted.

I'm hopeful and confident that this turf dispute or whatever is happening right now will calm down and things will return to 'normal' for Playa.

Years of going to Zihua has maybe made me a bit more jaded- it has had warnings for years and things go up and down constantly- there are disputes and incidents happen then things quiet down again. There have been very few incidents in the actual 'tourist areas'-and none involving tourists. I've never had a problem there or seen anything disturbing, so I am taking this warning for Q Roo with a grain of salt.

It really was just a matter of time that Cabo and PDC and Cancun had some problems.

I am staying on Isla this trip, not PDC- although I wouldn't have a problem staying in Playa, I'd likely avoid Fifth more and not be out late at all.
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