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I loved staying at Privilege Aluxes, lovely hotel, great beach and beach club, nice small boutique hotel with very few kids although not technically adult only, it's called 'adult oriented'.

You can do breakfast only, Euro plan, or AI - the AI can be a great deal if you can get it for $35 or less a person- even if you still eat dinners out.

Watch on trivago or similar site for prices to drop though, their regular prices for rooms are downright stupid.

Another decent and cheaper beachfront hotel is Cabanas Maria del mar.

Cabañas María del Mar

I'm staying at Nautibeach condos on Playa Norte in late November but I think they have a 7 day minimum stay.

A very nice non AI boutique hotel with a great location (not beachfront though) in Playa is La Pasion by Bunik.

La Pasion Hotel Boutique by Bunik
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