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Originally Posted by canadiense loco View Post
I agree Loomis.
I am trying to put this in perspective and I realize most of these events are targeted and drug related, but it still gets one thinking.
It just starts to ruin some the good vibes we have always had for the place.
When I have to reassure my wife that does bother me a bit.
I am well aware of the fact that the city is growing, that things happen everywhere, that statistically it is still safe compared to (insert other cities here), and that I am likely taking a bigger chance with my life riding a collectivo ( I can't prove that so don't anyone start asking for stats) then walking down 5th. But it just sucks that this violence is becoming much more frequent in the tourist areas. I long for the days, not long ago, that QRoo was not on the "warnings list". Hope things settle down..... and soon.
BTW....I still love the place, we are still coming for a month, I am not changing my routine, and we are going to have a great time I am certain.
we will all have an awesome winter old friend,,glad the wife didnt kill you on those water skis
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