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Originally Posted by Debbiec View Post
These numbers are meaningless, really.

What's meaningFUL is: Are the shootings in Cincinnati happening where you and your family might be walking/shopping, normally? If they are, you're certainly going to avoid those areas, no?

A clothing store on 5th and 20th is certainly a place I or my family members might be after dinner in Playa. No, the tourists aren't the targets of this drug war for control of 5th, but do people want to be in the middle of it on vacation?? Would YOU? There's no way to know who/where the targets are, right? We aren't privy to the Cartels' movements...but we do know these things are happening in the HEART of the tourist area.

What it means is that there are many, many other places to vacation, and people may very well choose to go elsewhere. To think otherwise, or to use raw statistics to say that it's not likely to be YOU who will be shot (which is true) - just doesn't do it for everyone.
By all means, if you feel like you might get shot on la Quinta by drug cartel members, you should go somewhere else. Whether or not that fear is rational, you are not likely to have a good time if you are constantly looking over your shoulder or wondering if that could be a drug cartel member.
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