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Originally Posted by Shammy View Post
Locally, last Sunday morning, some guy went balls to the wall - beat up his wife and mother in law and terrorized her sister and the sister's kids. Went outside with a gun and shot at police, who shot back and killed him. This happened at a home that was immediately next door to a diner serving breakfast to hundreds of people. Not even a 5 minute drive from me. Another guy walked into a Bed Bath and Beyond store in a mall next to where my husband works, and stabbed a woman who had her infant in a car seat on top of the carriage. For zero reason. I'm on the Jersey Shore, typically a rather safe place to be, one would think anyway. Then you have Asbury Park, which is full of gangs and drug war shootings yet is one of the most popular areas to go, and people are paying millions of dollars to live there because it's become the new "hot spot". I go there rather often, whenever the princess wants to go to Yappy Hour at the Wonder Bar. .

I understand that it doesn't really matter exactly how this relates to what's going on in Playa. I mean, no one can argue that it's beyond unfortunate that this is happening right now. My point is that I won't stop going to that diner, nor to that Bed Bath and Beyond store just because crazy shit happened there. We all have to continue to live our lives, some of us can't and/or won't be fueled by fear or live life by looking over our shoulders every time we walk out the front door. Bad things happen everywhere, often without notice and without targets. For me, I believe when my time is up, it's up no matter where I am. I don't let fear control me, I assess the situation and level of danger and proceed from there. But others are more cautious. It's not on me to change their way of thinking, if you don't feel comfortable going somewhere, by all means, don't go. There are plenty of wonderful places to travel in this world. But just be sure you understand that your safety isn't guaranteed, anywhere.

And with that, I am heading out for my walk on AV. 5
And I will be cautious of the girls offering a massage with a "happy ending"
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