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Originally Posted by Mnbruce View Post
I tell those that ask me to chose somewhere else if they have any concerns at all about Mexico. I don't know what will happen in the area before winter season, and who wants to plan a vacation to a place they have concerns about.
You've gone to PV a couple times in recent years-right? Because this happened last summer there...right in the tourist area, at a popular restaurant:

Not trying to say Puerto Vallarta is safer or less safe than this area -I would say all tourist areas in Mexico today struggle with the same issues, that ebb and wane depending on turf disputes. But the common thread is that tourists have not been targeted.

There have been similar random incidents as Shams described here in my city more recently too-that to me is way scarier as you never know when some crazed meth head is going to try to stab you.
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