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Originally Posted by CalifGuy View Post
As soon as Trump sends all the bad hombres back to Mexico Newark will be a lot safer.
Hopefully that was a joke, but well, you're from California, so what do you know about Newark anyhow....

Newark is experiencing a "regentrification" of sorts, which of course will take quite a while but is a step in the right direction. As Manhattan gets more and more unaffordable, and Jersey City and Hoboken are upping their prices, the NYC "suburbs" are expanding out. As a matter of fact, Newark has become much safer in recent years in certain areas, largely due to the growing Hispanic population, who have settled in some very run-down areas, renovated the homes, and created lively family neighborhoods that are thriving. We go to Newark at least once a year for an Argentinian, Cuban, Portuguese or Spanish restaurant evening with friends...always a great time.

I grew up 6 miles from Newark, and we used to take the bus to go shopping there at the Bamberger's downtown, and have an egg cream at Woolworths. Then the riots happened in 1967..and the demise of Newark as a safe place to go began. It was sad to live through that.
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