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Well I don't really think this is indicative of the situation, at least in my opinion.

I think the true measure of the impact will be this coming holiday season and more so, spring break 2018.

For example, I've been going to Playa and Tulum for over 10 years. I'll be heading down again in just over a week. I trip I booked several months ago. If I were booking today, I'm honestly not sure I would.

I would think a lot of people are having the same thought process for their December trip and spring break trip.

I'm from Chicago so I don't buy the whole "there are less murders in x than y but you still go to y". I know what area of Chicago I can go to and what area someone walks up to another person and shoots them in the head. I don't go to those areas. Hard to avoid 5th Ave if I go to Playa. Easy to avoid 113th and Michigan Ave in Chicago.
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