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Originally Posted by AZGonzo View Post
Flew in yesterday and went to 5th last night. I cannot remember a time when it was less crowded. Shockingly so. We also come down Labor Day Weekend so it's not due to the time of year. The bartenders and waitstaff told us the same thing. 5th is not the same without that energy...

Originally Posted by Babaloo View Post
It is the slowest time of the year.

Not surprising 5th Ave. was quiet.

The slowest time of the year has always been late August through September and into early October. And any bartender or waiter familiar with the area can certainly confirm that for you. Can't prove a negative, so it's not possible to say definitively that other factors are not also involved, but you don't need to go any further than precisely the time of year to explain fewer visitors...
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