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Originally Posted by JenniPeters View Post
We are in the north end of playa currently staying in a condo. We were in an original unit that had a smart TV and Netflix however due to some security issues we had to change units and we no longer have Netflix. Also my iPad got stolen so we no longer have internet except my phone! But we do have a small DVD player that seems to play all manner of DVDs including burned copies. Wondering where would be the best place to go grab a couple of DVDs to keep us company on these rainy days were having? Also if anybody can tell me where to find a good market these days I'd appreciate it, the few that we went to that I found listed on various sites are not currently happening.
The tiagus (flea market) on Sundays. On calle 54 and calle 56 between AV. 10 and AV. 30. You can find almost anything and everything there......maybe even your iPad
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