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The recent rains haven't been kind to Holbox.

Unpleasant image offered by Holbox

HOLBOX ISLAND, LAZARO CARDENAS, September 3 .- The weekend was unproductive for the tourism sector of the island of Holbox because the rains only added to the problem of sewage drains that overflowed and the whole dirt has been stirred by rainwater in the streets, causing the departure of vacationers.
The bad smells are also part of this disgusting image offered by Holbox, said the people of the gem polished the town of Lázaro Cárdenas and the state of Quintana Roo, which have done little to rescue the island from the collapse in which it is .
CAPA has not complied with the beginning of the drainage works agreed at the beginning of August when drinking water services collapsed and where it was committed to start the work on August 21 and to date there is no progress.
The villagers were even annoyed that the Water and Sewerage Commission installed a work monitoring committee for the Holbox drainage, but did so in Kantunilkín, in the town hall meeting room and without the presence of the sectors and inhabitants of this island.
Likewise, on August 29, the Social Comptrollers Committee of the project Extension and Rehabilitation of the Sewage and Wastewater Treatment System of Holbox Island was installed, without taking into account the Holboxeños.
A millionaire investment was announced for the rehabilitation of the sanitary sewage and of the sewage treatment plant that more than five years ago stopped working but apparently it will only be rehabilitated although it has become obsolete because it has been more than 20 years if it had been built.
A proof of the seriousness of the problem that Holbox lives, was revealed in social networks last week, when stools instead of going to the sewer network, overflowed the toilet of a private house and flooded the bathroom, because the vacuum wells are no longer working.
With the announced 40 million pesos, only the blackwater treatment plant would be repaired, in addition only 21 of the 85 wells in Holbox would be rehabilitated in the same way and they will not work properly, which does not guarantee that it will go away to solve this serious problem.
CAPA tried to give a solution to the problem, to silence the voices that have criticized the lack of seriousness of the state manager, Gerardo Mora, by changing some pieces of the 85 wells, to work automatically, but the investment was thrown away, because the works have to be done manually, accused the islanders.
They accused the CAPA manager of not having the capacity to deal with this problem and that proved it from the collapse that Holbox had on August 6 due to the lack of water supply during the holiday season.
From long before this problem, documents were sent to him that supported the citizens' request, with the deficient service of potable water that was had in the vacations seasons, but always ignored and only listened to the reports that gave to him to his personnel, although these were erroneous and assured him that everything was going well on the island, when in fact there were sectors that from two to three days had no water.
Now it does the same with the sewage system, it is not serious enough to know the dimension of this serious problem that afflicts the tourist destination and instead of expanding and modernizing the network, only the rehabilitation will be done and will be half-way.
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