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Skater styles were not hotter, along with increase in the reduced-profile, vulcanized look means growing figures of individuals looking for, buying, putting on and researching this program in shops . , a San Fran-based e-commerce solutions company, tracks how frequently ofInternet keywords to look at how brands wax and wane in recognition - in addition to, since last year, skate searches established yourself.

Brand Amount Of Searches


The Santa Fe Springs, Calif.-based company has switched inside a blockbuster year. Not just wouldn't it are actually Footwear News' type of year, nonetheless it did underneath half a billion dollars operating a company around 2006. The skate behemoth is ongoing to ride excellent within the limited-edition Vault styles, that's high-profile collaboration with Marc Jacobs. And, for spring '07, Vans will most likely be launching men's surf styles.


Vista, Calif.-based Electricity (it's dropped the Footwear) is keeping sneakerheads salivating getting its Artist Projects line. Recently, the company released footwear with Methamphibian, the famous New You can School of Visual Arts-trained sneaker artist, including two limited-edition makeups: 48 pairs inside the yellow-and-black version for Hawaii's In4mation, along with same amount edition for Los Angeles' Brooklyn Projects.


The flagship type of Lake Forest, Calif.-based Sole Technology, Etnies is launching its first mind-to-ft selection of apparel, accessories and footwear for women and men this spring. Also searching for every spring launch is Seed, a clothing and footwear collection created from sustainable and recyclable materials. But Seed is not just created from the most effective stuff Body percent within the proceeds will most likely be donated to ecological organizations the business believes will "plant the seeds" (have it?) money for hard occasions of "action sports, humanity along with world.In .

Nike Senate bill

It does not dominate the skate category in quite exactly the same it dominates other sports footwear areas, but Nike Skateboarding isn't any slouch, either. This Thursday through Sunday, it's sponsoring both Amateur and Pro competitions inside the Skatepark of Tampa's 14th anniversary celebration in Tampa, Fla. If you are in the region Friday night, mind over to look at Nirvana precursors Dinosaur Junior., who headline the party -and switch capture the reveal inside the limited-edition Dinosaur Junior. Dunk High shoe.


Performance footwear brand Adio backed the Rock Adio tour this fall and created a type of footwear by La artist Fawn Gehweiler whose proceeds benefit breast cancers awareness nonprofit Have A Very Breast. In addition, it make fleeces, bags, headgear, T-shirts and jeans. But executives haven't forgotten footwear, either, producing women's and men's footwear and sandals. (Adio also produced footwear with Bam Margera, so even Jackasses have Adio footwear within the.

Zoo You can

The idea was created within the late '70s, every time a motley crew of skateboards and graffiti artists calling themselves "The Soul Artists of Zoo It will be possible toInch left their mark on Manhattan. Several evolutions later, in 1993, the Zoo You can brand premiered. But while apparel and accessories inspired while using the skate legacy within the Zoo You can crew have been in existence, for holiday '06, the business (now of Skechers) released a type of casual and skate footwear.


The 2nd of Sole Technology's brands to actually make list, Emerica's core skate offering switched ten years old last, along with lines are constantly supply numerous padding options, catering for your skaters who want to supply the board and people wishing somewhat cushioning. Spring looks inside the brand fall squarely for your traditional vulcanized sphere, natch, but Emerica is trembling some misconception somewhat style-wise while using the Ridgemont and Laced laceless styles and funky patterns and colorways.


Torrance, Calif.-based DVS takes products a step further while using the launch around '07 Luxe line, which takes the brand's slip-on and lace-up silhouettes and redoes these questions mixture of, aptly, luxurious fabrics, including suedes, woven fabrics and Italian leather. The business surpasses to promote the not necessarily luxe skate lifestyle too, producing podcasts and sponsoring a company. Furthermore, it provides skate footwear in toddler sizes - well suited for fixing the tastes of generation x.


The El Segundo, Calif.-based brand offers a full-type of footwear for men, in addition to kids, furthermore to hoodies, T-shirts, jeans and accessories. It counts incorporated inside the team Canadian pro skater Chris Haslam who ought to be seeing result-oriented prominence this season: although details weren't forthcoming, it appears as though Haslam together with crazy street skating style will most likely be featured on EA Games' 2007 nex-gen console release "Skate."


Its roots were in snowboarding (via parent company Four Star Distribution), in 2004 Four Star offered off its non-skateboarding characteristics that's now totally focused on the skate market, even giving C1rca the motto, "Centered on Skateboarding." The San Clemente, Calif.-based brand offers apparel and footwear, including its three-style Combat Division line. It will likely be launching C1rca Select at MAGIC, so keep tuned in.

Source:, an e-commerce solutions company located in San Fran. Data represents how frequently the organization name (or possibly the business together with word footwear, when the brand has multiple meanings) seems as being a search phrase in primary Google in November 2006.

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