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Contact Lenses

To those of you that wear contact lenses, where do you get it at? I have no contact lenses left almost and i need to get contact lenses. My friend in the US got the contact lenses for my prescription at the place i always get it but then i found out you cannot ship contact lenses here. So my contact lenses is in my friends house.

I believe i read that they only have acuvue here... is that right? I use this other brand called biomedics so im assuming they do not have it here? Would i need to get an eye test here if i just show them the boxes of my current contact lenses? My issue is i cannot speak spanish so i cannot read the letters in spanish. I believe i read a thread here where someone mentioned there is only 1 place where the optician speaks english? And if so, can someone tell me where this is at? I usually buy 1 year worth of contact lenses back in the us but i would rather just get a box or 2 in the meantime in case someone from the us can mule my contact lenses here since the other brand i use fits much nicer.

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