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Originally Posted by beam-eye View Post
The middle of the 3 ATMs at Scotiabank at Constituyentes and Av. 10 completed my B of A ATM card transaction for 1000 pesos, and the screen said 'take your money" - but no money came out. Instead, I got a strip of paper dispensed from the cash slot, same width as a receipt but about twice as long, saying "1st OK" (in English).

But it wasn't OK, so I sent someone inside to get the ATM guy. After a 10 minute wait, he came out and said (typically) "it's a problem with your bank". So I tried again for 100 pesos, no problem, then 900, again no problem, but the balance inquiry showed a debit of 1000 pesos from my account 10 minutes earlier. So I went inside to talk to the bank manager ("Pablo"), who said "no problem - your bank will reimburse you after 10:30 tonight" (I asked him to write that out on the back of the "1st OK" slip, and he did). So I asked how my bank would know whether the money was dispensed - again, "no problem, it's automatic". What's automatic? A sensor at the cash slot monitors the cash delivery (or failure to deliver).

So I called B of A international help desk, got a quick answer, but had to be transferred to another dept for help with 'no-cash-dispensed-from-the- machine' problems, and was on hold until the 2 peso per minute charge reached 100 pesos (50 minutes) with no connection to the 'no-cash- dispensed-from-the-machine' dept, although I got a lot of the "would you mind holding another few minutes?" check-backs to prove there really was a warm body on the other end of the line. Finally I did mind, and said so, asking her to repeat back to me what she wrote on her encounter screen so I can at least prove I called.

Another balance inquiry this morning shows no change - the 1000 peso 'withdrawal' still showed on my account balance. Does anybody here work in a bank and know anything about ATM glitches and automatic sensors to confirm cash was not dispensed? Thanks a thousand!
I know that three times in Merida (in three years) money was not dispensed and the next day was back in my account.
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