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Originally Posted by AZGonzo View Post
I understand the occasional shakedown from the policia but twice in two trips? I must be doing something wrong. Last trip on Cozumel we were with friends in a rented dune buggy and got stopped along with the jeep in front of us for "driving on a non motorized vehicle road". No signs and we were certainly not the only ones on the road, but hey, our guests got to experience a Mexican Shakedown. Cost me 200 pesos. Us and the jeep ended up at the next bar and they only had to pay 150 pesos.

Yesterday we were taking our kids to catch their flight home. We were told to pull over at the checkpoint right before the exit to the airport and the Policia asked for my ID, rental agreement, etc. Then asked me to open the trunk of our rented SUV. I met him at the back where he had no intention of searching our bags but told me "one of us" was not wearing a seatbelt (my wife in the back seat). 3500 pesos at the station or 1000 pesos right there. Of course, I paid him since my kids needed to make that flight to get home for work. Did I have a choice?

So...2 shakedowns in 2 trips. We are not flashy people and we have never experienced this in our 25+ years visiting RM. I figured those guys were more worried about Cartel, etc, but I guess they target Turistas as well. Normal?
I agree with the other responses.

However, let's go back to square one:

I'm sorry that you missed the signs (that's plural), that the road you were driving on was for non-motorized vehicles. Hate to think of what the fine would be for the same infraction here.

Everyone in the car needs to wear their seatbelt. Was there a reason that your wife should be exempt? The first and last time I got a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt, it cost me $125.00. It was off for about 30 seconds so that I could access my phone. The Washington State patrolman didn't care if it was 5 seconds. The fine applies to the driver as well as all passengers.

You'll have a lot more leverage if you don't break the laws.
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