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I just got my power bill from my wife's last visit to Playa and for the 10 days that she was down she used about 194kw. Which seems like a ton. We have LED lights and nothing that really draws much power. (Gas stove, gas dryer, gas water heater)

Everything is quite new and modern except our 10-12 year old mini split system I know it was on overnight so it was comfortable for sleeping and possibly used just to chill the place for a few minutes here and there. I checked the fridge and the manufacturer suggests it uses about 1.5kw a day. So no big deal.

I believe she only used the washer/dryer once so it was the electricity to spin the drums. So even if we call all that and the fridge 30kw including the lights there is still 160ish kw in AC. (16kw a day if it was on for 8 hours that's 2kw an hour)

So really my question is has anyone swapped from an old style mini split to a inverter style AC unit and seen any difference in power consumption? All the manufacturers are suggesting savings but before I invest in such a system I'd like to know if I'm just wasting my money of if there is actually a return on investment. I want to do everything in my power to stay away from the dreaded DAC. If my wife uses 194kw in 10 days when we're down for longer I'm as good as doomed...
Doomed???!!! 194 kw for 10 days with ac!!!! What else do you want? 194kw is between 150 and 250 Pesos, that's all. It doesn't get much cheaper than that.
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