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Originally Posted by teebee View Post
Thanks for you feedback everyone. It sounds like I'm now in the market for new AC units.

If I'm springing for new inverter units I'm definitely looking at quality units. From what I've been reading both Mitsubishi and LG both have very high SEER units. I see Home Depot has LG but near as I can tell they don't have any of the multi zone units. I believe (but certainly could be proven wrong) I believe my current Mirage system is a single outdoor unit and 3 indoor zones. I have limited out door space on the roof for the condenser. Where would I shop for a multi zone unit? I assume a specialist shop? Anyone worth suggesting?

Thanks in advance.
You can try Perssa: PERSSA
Located on Juarez by calle 45 (north side of Juarez).
Scroll down to Air Conditioner/ Multisplit or Divided

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