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Originally Posted by cabodan View Post
I paid all my bribes early and now most of the police are my friends. Never get hassled. I have had times where I come out from shopping and one of my guys was by my Jeep and told me someone was looking inside so he was there to make sure no one did anything wrong.

Motorcycle cops pull me over to say hello! Freaks my friends out.

Get a ticket waste two hours or give 200 pesos. I am all in for 200 pesos. My time is worth more!
Sorry to hear all this.

And as noted, since you don't get a ticket (unless of course you're in the very different situation of having committed a violation and deserve one), that kind of nullifies your final argument.

But hey, as Sogno has also noted, it's all about you! So as long as you're happy, I guess.

Still, seems like someone who not only lives here but runs a business here (right?) would care a bit more about the area and its people than what is evidenced by this sort of post...
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