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Originally Posted by Sogno View Post
I never claimed to be a pro, slick. Very simple. If I was breaking any law, despite my best efforts to remain lawful while driving in another country, I would politely ask for the ticket, and ask to follow the officer to the police station to pay it. If he told me he wouldn't do that, that I must pay him there, I would politely explain that that is illegal, and I know from law that that could get me in much more trouble. I would politely stand my ground, and ask to be taken to the police station. I would also ask to see his badge before turning over my DL. Although for that matter, a DL is easily replaced.

If I was not breaking any law, and I was certain of it (Which, btw, I do not believe happens. There are far too many gringos breaking the law to make for easy pickins), I would handle it essentially the same way, but not with a smile on my face. I don't even buckle my seat belt until all of my pesos have been moved to my money belt.

La mordida only exists because of the uninformed tourist, and people like cabodan that feel their time is somehow priveldeged over others. No, my time is just as valuable as yours pal, and you are part of the problem by perpetuating la mordida.
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