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Originally Posted by beam-eye View Post
I thought he was replying to cabodan, not you.
Been driving in this area for 18 years. Pulled over once for speeding in Cancun. I was guilty. I didn't speak much Spanish at the time so only kind of understood the guy was trying to hit me up for a bribe. He got frustrated, told me to slow down, and let me go. Another time, I got stopped for no apparent reason near Xcaret. Guy asked me for my license, insurance and tarjeta de circulacion. I could not find the latter. He told me to make sure I get it soon and let me go. No indicaton that he wanted anything.

I am a guest in Mexico, like many of us, and think that paying bribes is like spitting in the face of the country I call home. Won't do it. While I have never had the situation in my car, I have had opportunities to pay "mordidas" for other business issues. I pass and do it the right way.
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