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Originally Posted by PlayadelSolDos View Post
I don't know of any specific places but I am sure there are lots of internet places on 1st, 5th and 10th. Should be one close to you if you just walk around a bit. Good luck. I have been wanting to visit Xenses. Rio Secreto is a wonderful experience.
There are no internet places on AV.1 or AV.5 as, I assume, the rents are too high to justify such an operation.
There are a few on AV.10 and more on AV.30.

Note to OP, JenniPeters: If you can't find an internet cafe, you could email the link to your tickets, I can print them out and then meet you at Starbucks at AV.5 & calle 28. PM me if you want to do this.
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