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Originally Posted by absoluteAL View Post
There are no internet places on AV.1 or AV.5 as, I assume, the rents are too high to justify such an operation.
There are a few on AV.10 and more on AV.30.

Note to OP, JenniPeters: If you can't find an internet cafe, you could email the link to your tickets, I can print them out and then meet you at Starbucks at AV.5 & calle 28. PM me if you want to do this.
Good on you, Al - you a good boy!

The Farmacia Ahorra I mentioned at the NE corner of Av 30 and Constituyuentes may actually be a Farmacia Yza - that farmacia has changed names and affiliations at least twice in the last few years. (There's also a Farmacia Yza on the SW corner of that same intersection which has always been an Yza - odd that there would be two of the same franchisees on the same corner (like two Oxxos or two McDonald's) - but there it is (or there they are). Suerte!
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