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Originally Posted by beam-eye View Post
Was thinking of buying an emergency generator, but am just about to decide that it isn't worth the cost, even though I got a really good deal - $5000 pesos - on a new John Deere AC-G7500H generator. It just doesn't seem to be worth the outlay to keep two refrigerators, a couple of ceiling fans (I've got an air conditioner but seldom use it), and an exterior night light running, even if power is out for a couple of weeks. Checked Consumer Reports, and did the math (which says, at that pretty good price, to go ahead and buy it) - but I'm still a bit leary. What am I missing - what else should I be considering? Got any generator owner's/user's experience to share? Thanks
i guess it all depends where you live,,,in all the 17 winters i have spent in playa in centro region, we have had very few power outages that lasted more than a few hours....with that said i did know only 1 person who had 1,,and it was stolen from her....i guess if your in the outback areas ,,,,or need it for power to building off grid, then id say buy it....otherwise id pass on it

make sure its not
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