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Originally Posted by Debbiec View Post
You people are a real pisser!!! Now you're blaming the TOURIST for the practice of "mordida"!! I hadn't seen this thread before, and after reading the entire thing, this is the feeling one gets, even if it was not really MEANT that way.

It is NOT the fault of the naive and scared (not saying you, AGonzo) - that the Mexican cops are corrupt pieces of crap. Jeez, people.

That is the way these threads always go though- the long term stay people and the ex-pats get upset with the puzzled or frightened short-term vacationers and blame them for the practice continuing.

I think it's misplaced anger and frustration at their powerlessness to change things. Understandable to be frustrated but it's hardly the na´ve vacationers fault.

I certainly don't blame vacationers- I would likely just pay the 'fine' and GTFO, myself. Part of the reason why I don't ever rent cars in Mexico, I don't want the hassle of having to worry about parking, accidents, being pulled over, Pemex scams, etc.
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