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I've been renting and driving this region for the past 25+ years, and put on several thousand km during the two weeks we're there, every year. I've never been stopped, been scammed at a gas station, or otherwise inconvenienced. But if I ever am, I know how I'll handle it.

I think there's a few folks here that misinterpret the messages. It's one thing to rent a vehicle having never researched driving this region, then pulled over and hit for la mordida. It's another to have done your due diligence, learned about la mordida, and thus educated themselves in how to handle it if it occurs.

I guess some of us think folks that don't research their destination, or driving habits are somewhat at fault if not entirely so for being pulled over, and more so, contributing to la mordida. Paying a bribe is illegal. Don't most people know that? And if someone is aware of this practice yet choose to pay the bribe, you are contributing to the problem. You may not like the sound of that, but them's the facts.

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