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Originally Posted by Rissask View Post
haha, yes, I am of that same opinion- so many bad drivers!

My thing is, I drive every day when not on vacation (one hour commute to work, three hours plus to get places on weekends, etc.)- that I have no desire to drive on vacation. I want to be driven, instead. And I have hired a taxi for a full day a few times if I want to explore off the beaten track anywhere- and then I can have a drink or three without worry, too.

Now retired, I'm a professional driver, and drive for a living. I can't imagine not driving while on vacation. I'd feel isolated without wheels. We have plenty of time to enjoy a fine libation when we return to our condo.

We once stayed for 2 weeks in a beach side condo, but only had a rental vehicle for one of the 2 weeks. We vowed, never again. We missed that car dearly. Can only lay around so much.

To each their own, no doubt.
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