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Originally Posted by Sogno View Post
Now retired, I'm a professional driver, and drive for a living. I can't imagine not driving while on vacation. I'd feel isolated without wheels. We have plenty of time to enjoy a fine libation when we return to our condo.

We once stayed for 2 weeks in a beach side condo, but only had a rental vehicle for one of the 2 weeks. We vowed, never again. We missed that car dearly. Can only lay around so much.

To each their own, no doubt.

yup, no doubt. To be sure, 'vacation' means different things to different people. Nothing wrong with that. Or with just seeing things differently.

it also depends on where you are staying. On Isla Mujeres most would say it would be silly to rent a car (although I will be renting a golf cart in December). Half Moon Bay, makes more sense to rent a car-but hardly a 'must'.
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