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Originally Posted by Rissask View Post
was that recently? There are more restaurants there now than in the past, both right at HMB and a short walk to the beachfront Akumal resort area.

But getting a taxi there is a nightmare and they are extortionists. So I think I'd rent a car there too. At least think about it.
OFF TOPIC perhaps -

A couple years ago. We've moved on from Akumal, but stop in to visit friends there. One dear friend there is teaching me to speak Mayan.

We're familiar with all of the restaurants there, in puebla, and never even venture to turtle town, orange vest, resort-vill in south Akumal. Our typical day takes in much more than restaurants. We're the odd folk that enjoy exploring by day, and cooking at night while on vacation and residing in our condo. Foods that we can't find here at home. No schedules, no timelines. Just a cold Margarita, (the best on the planet made by your's truly), and evenings on our private beach. Glorious. The best part - we keep discovering. Our means to do so is our wheels. Hence, my following this.

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