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Originally Posted by AZGonzo View Post
Sometimes I miss room service but Mrs. Gonzo is pretty good at keeping the pantry stocked. It's also nice not having to drink the watered down/tainted/mis labeled booze...
oh, pshaw
All you have to do, at least at the nicer AIs, is ask for the good stuff....they usually keep it under the bar. And then tip well.
Avoid shots and most mixed drinks otherwise and stick to beer and wine....I don't like sweet drinks anyway so it's always been a non-issue for me.

I've been known to bring my own bottle of wine to the a la cartes. The stuff they serve is usually cheap domestic stuff. I only have a problem doing that if it's a higher end place like Secrets where I already paid $500 a night- that price really should include drinkable wine. The cost to upgrade to a decent bottle there and other places is criminal....especially for we northerners. bitch please

But if I snagged a dirt-cheap package like we are sometimes able to get, at a 3 or 4 star, bringing a bottle along is not a big deal to me.
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