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Bringing a laptop or tablet on a Mexico-to-U.S. flight? Beware of new security measures - LA Times

Mexican authorities say the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has instituted heightened security measures for laptops and tablets on U.S.-bound flights from the country.

Mexico's Transportation Department said in a statement that the measures took effect starting Wednesday for “electronics larger than a cellphone.”

It recommends passengers carry as few of those devices as possible in carry-on bags and advises that such electronics must undergo separate security checks without cases or covers.

In March, U.S. authorities banned cabin electronics on departing flights from 10 airports in the Middle East over concerns that extremists could hide bombs inside laptops. Earlier this month, carriers in Jordan, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey announced that they had been exempted from the ban after they had satisfied U.S. security concerns.

On June 28, before those announcements, the Department of Homeland Security released a plan to implement “enhanced security measures” for all commercial flights to the United States.
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