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Originally Posted by Buckeye View Post
OMG! Some of you act like this is a total tourist event

I have been coming to Mexico for 30 years. Have rented vehicles, drove a vehicle here from US, drove US plated vehicle here for 5 years then converted it to Mexican vehicle

Guess what? Locals have the same problem. Have hundreds of friends here and they are targeted also. Some pay, some don't. Depends on their situation.

Thousands of miles driving in Mexico and we have had one problem in all that time. My wife dropped me off at the airport and went into Cancun to shop. Pulled over by a motorcycle cop. You were speeding! No I was not. Where are you going? Shopping. Do you like tequila? I am married. No problem lets get some tequila.

So then she asked "how much is the ticket"

Don't judge people for the reason they pay. Tourists did not create this. Tourists do not perpetuate this. Rental vehicles, especially headed north are an easy target.

I understand both sides of this. I travel with a laminated copy of my drivers license. If I have time I will fight. Why would a lone woman take a chance? Why miss a flight for 30 bucks?

To judge people for the reasons they pay is foolish.
You were doing fairly well until the end...

Answers: First, Don't fight! Bad idea to even think about handling a confrontation with a police officer, in any country on earth, in those terms. Wrong. It's mordida, and is not a fight.

Second, why would you suggest women are less capable of handling this situation? Seems to me, the same folks that would suggest something as absurd as that would also argue for women's equality. Am I wrong? Are women somehow lesser capable of handling la mordida?

Finally, to suggest that people who "judge" are foolish, tell me about one day out of your lifetime where you didn't "judge" someone else for something they said, did, etc. Especially after writing:To judge people for the reasons they pay is foolish. LMFAO!

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