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Originally Posted by Rissask View Post
Mexico is not one of the countries that requires your passport be valid for six months from date of entry.

All that's required by Mexico is it be valid for the duration of your stay in Mexico.

However, there are apparently some airlines, most of them American from what I understand, that do require six months validity left on your passport from date of entry. I suspect this is pure laziness, as it's easier to tell people no matter where they're going they need this.

What you can do, is call the airline you're flying on and ask them what their rule is. Or, just simply renew as it sounds like you have enough time to do so.
Never had a problem with Mexico but it was made really clear countless times that 6 mo minimum must be left on passports to enter Panama this April. The airlines checked and double checked; even had a further check in at the gate.
Think as others have pointed out it pays to watch the dates and renew while you are about 8 months from expiry or prior to departing on a lengthy trip
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