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Originally Posted by roni View Post
And people who are concerned about themselves and their families.

Don't discount them.
Not sure what you are saying, but we are definitely very concerned about the new norm in Playa and the vicinity. We certainly didn't expect to see this violence when we bought a home near Playa two years ago...

And we certainly wouldn't advise anyone to ignore or disregard this violence, or any other unsafe developments. I do understand the continued murders being a huge concern for anyone looking at Playa as a destination today. We'll be there next week and friends will be joining us for their first visit to Mexico. You can imagine the questions they have about the violence.

But people who were looking at AI resorts near Playa ands are now changing or making different travel plans based solely on the misinformation that was put out there on the "tainted" alcohol is a real shame...
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