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In case it's of interest to anyone re the usage warnings about and T-Mobile, my wife and each of our daughters got their first message after spending 2 months here. The messages arrived simultaneously, even though my wife came down a week later than the girls did and anyway, their data usage of course wouldn't be identical, so I guess it must be more generally tied to a sort of once a month check or something of that nature. I imagine they'll probably get another one about this same time next month.

Meanwhile, I haven't gotten any such message on either of 2 other phones that are all on the same account with theirs, however I had not only been back to the US twice during that stretch but had used pretty much only data while back there, to help improve the proportion of use there v use here on each of those phones. We'll all be back at one point or another over the next couple of months and will do the same, so it will be interesting to see if doing that results in extending the life of our T-Mobile account.

Anyway, FWIW...
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