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Originally Posted by tommg View Post
We've had a rolling security fee in PDC for 5 years now. Condo owners are in Playa, we've become friends.
Yeah we know this well. We kept rolling our security deposits over for years with the same condo it was nice. We knew all the neighbours. We finally got the deposit back because we pulled the trigger on our own place. We will miss the old place because of the great neighbours but we've met a few of our new neighbours a found a few that hang out here as well and just because we're not staying at the old place don't mean we can't go by for a visit.

Funny part is I can go into any bar or restaurant in Waterloo and its a pretty safe bet that no one will know me there. I can barely be in Mexico for 10 minutes without seeing someone I know. This is why I love this area and the sense of community. This is why I won't let some cartel thugs ruin my good time.
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