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Las Vegas

Thanks Steve and Bigdogmom. As a New Yorker for 31 years, a Colorodan for 23 years, part of the Playa community as a condo owner for 8 years and now a Nevadan for 3, I am heartbroken with the amount of violence I've seen in all of those places.

As for the Las Vegas and surrounding community - the response level of first responders was incredibly swift and effective. This lunatic could have done much more damage. The community here has lined up for 8 hours across our valley today to donate blood, so much so, that we have blood donation appointments scheduled every day until next week. People have brought down water, food, blankets and supplies for those in need, restaurants have donated food to those waiting in lines to donate blood. Locals who fled the scene at the time were literally filling their cars with wounded and driving them to hospitals. This community has done what every other community I have personally lived in has done when faced with this type of horror or weather related event such as hurricanes.

So, yes we do have homeless, druggies and panhandlers. We also have big hearts, caring people and we will support those who need it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your good thoughts and prayers.
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