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Originally Posted by Sassygirl18 View Post
Hi All,

We are gearing up for a 10 day trip in November - staying 5 nights in Akumal and 5 night in Isla Mujeres.

We've only visited Akumal a couple of times for day trips and never stayed there, so we are unfamiliar with it. We are renting a condo on Half Moon Bay (north end, near Yal-ku lagoon).

For those of you who are experienced Akumal visitors....Any tips on good restaurants that we can walk to for breakfast, lunch and dinner? We don't cook much when we are on vacation. We don't eat meat, but we do eat everything else (fish, cheese, eggs, etc.).

I believe the beach in front of the condo is rocky so we will bring water shoes and snorkeling gear. Are there any non-rocky, non-rough beaches within walking distance of this area that would be good for swimming?

If we were to rent a car, can you recommend a good rental car company that we can pick up the car at the CUN airport? Ideally, (if possible), we'd like to return it in Cancun Centro as we are heading from Akumal to Isla Mujeres and will be headed there to get the ferry. If that's not feasible, I guess we would return it at the airport and take a taxi to the ferry dock.

If we decide NOT to rent a car, where is the closest LARGE supermarket (a.k.a. Chedraui or MEGA)?

Any other tips/suggestions are welcome. THANKS!!!
We've stayed in HMB for a number of years, and have it well sorted out. All of HMB is rocky, but you can head over to Akumal Bay for a sandy entrance if it's that important to have sand under foot. A good hike, especially if you're carrying snorkel gear. I suggest bringing some water shoes, and enjoying the snorkeling straight out from your condo. Personally, I avoid Akumal Bay. Way too busy, and the snorkeling isn't nearly as good as HMB. Yes, you can see turtles in HMB also. Tip: Google Earth is your friend. Zoom in and locate the reefs in HMB, and that's where you'll find the best snorkeling.

Que Onda is an excellent restraunt in our opinion, and is walkable in HMB since it's next to Yal Ku lagoon entrance. Don't miss their Tacos al Pastor on Sunday for lunch. La Taverna next to the arches is also very good for dinner. For breakfast, I highly recommend Loncheria Akumalito also near the arches. Look for the open air place with stools in front. Excellent and reasonably priced. We don't care for Lol Ha or La Cueva del Pescador, although many a gringo will undoubtedly swear by them. No thanks to either. La Buena Vida for lunch, fish or shrimp tacos. Won't go there for dinner, but will stop by for a drink after dinner. Be sure to challenge a waiter to a game of ring toss They'll school you quick, but it will be a fun schooling.

Highly suggest to have a vehicle if you'll be there for a week. EXPLORE!!! That's how you'll find the gems that are better than HMB We rent from Avant Car Rental, pick up a the airport. Contact them to ensure you can drop where you want to - they're great, and I'm pretty certain they'll accommodate you.

There's a Chedraui in Tulum & Puerto Aventuras.

If you don't mind my asking, where are you staying?

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