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We stay down at the end of Halfmoon Bay most of our trips.

We rent cars from, America Car Rental, CANCUN CAR RENTAL - FULL INSURANCE , which is a branch of the same company Water Rat suggests. Get a quote in pesos if you will pay by credit card as that is the currency charged to your card regardless. Canadians especially benefit from the peso quote on exchange rates. They pick you up and take you a mile or two off airport and this is where you would normally return the car. You could get a city cab from there to the ferry if you had to and they might give you a ride if you let them know your plan. There is a good chance that they would have to return the car themselves anyway. This is only a possibility.

There is a really easily accessed Chedraui grocery store just before Puerto Aventuras that should get you enough supplies. Prices are high in Akumal and so I would go big at first and leave extra food and drink for the staff as part of a tip. Near the entrance to the little mall that houses the Chedraui there is a take out Chinese place with huge portions if you are hungry or getting in late.

As you pull out of the Chedraui most people would quickly merge onto the overpass lane. If you choose not to you will proceed down the service road to the underpass. At this point there at two great food options. The first requires a turn under the highway and then another left. Very quickly and just before the gas station is Taco Paco for wonderful battered fish tacos with many self served salsa and condiment options. At the gas station next door there is a small satellite La Europea store to check out if you wish. After lunch you would have to go a half mile north to retorno back south. From that same point at the underpass the second restaurant would be straight ahead and just up the on ramp to the highway. This place is called, El Arbolito. It is a deli style take out or sit down place where you can see the choices and you might see something for lunch or the fridge.

Alright enough supplies. When you get to Akumal exit the highway to the right to spend the five minutes it takes to SEE Akumal Pueblo's three or four blocks by three or four blocks. Cross the overpass and just follow the only road to the condo.

Your condo is on ironshore not just rocks. ALL of the Halfmoon Bay water entry is over rocks and submerged ironshore but there is lots of sand out of the water all through the mid bay area. The water is very shallow for a long time so I take a few careful steps and then put my fins on my hands like protective gloves and then do a reverse push up sort of entry to get horizontal. So many people walk SO far crunching SO much sea life just to get to waist depth so please try the fins as gloves method.

Que Onda is just around the block from the condo and they will have seafood pastas and other Italo/Swiss/Mexican fusion meals. There was talk of a branch of the very Mexican restaurant La Cueva Del Pescadors right inside Yal Ku Lagoons gate and open to the public but I haven't seen this myself. The main La Cueva Del Pescadors is very economical and tasty and is by the arch and next door to Turtle Bay. Turtle Bay is always excellent and the owners are great community boosters and organizers.

Akumal Bay has constantly changing rules but currently there is a substantial portion of the usual turtle sighting area that is marked off by buoys and CLOSED to ALL snorkelers and enforced I'm told.

Since you have a car, drive to the Pueblo near the top of the hill to the right where they make fresh on demand salbutes for breakfast. They would normally put meat on them but just tell them how you want them. Down the hill there is a tortilleria.

A side trip to Soliman bay at Chamicos at the very end of the beach road is always relaxing and the next bay Tankah has a nice destination at Casa cenote. Xcacel beach, near Chemuyil is a wild beach with only a changeroom for services and a small pond style cenote down a short jungle path. Chemuyil is also a nice village and the restaurant La Palapa is always enjoyable.

Please be happy always

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