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Originally Posted by Me2 View Post
Can I just replace the existing box with the Asus? or also leave the existing box and just use the Asus wirelessly as an extender? Do you know a model # so i can see if I can get that b4 I leave for Playa.
You need to keep the existing modem the Asus router doesn't have a cable jack to plug into it. But you can take your cablemas device and dumb it down into what they call bridge mode (RFC 1483) then the Asus becomes the router. Or you can keep the Cablemas device as the router and use the Asus box as an extender. Option 3 is get 2 Asus boxes make one the router and one an extender and have great coverage anywhere.

If you wanted to get crafty you could buy an enclosure like this and put the extender on your PH roof.

Pull off the antennas put a small extension in place drill hole through for the antennas silcone the holes shut again.

As for which Asus router to buy? It probably doesn't matter as you probably don't have fast enough internet for it to make a difference. Just make sure it has external antennas (possibly detachable) Used from Craigslist might even be an option. I'm muling a bunch of old routers down to PDC for various projects this weekend something like an Asus RT-N16 probably you could find one used for $30ish nice solid unit with external detachable antennas more then enough for typical Playa internet.

Hope that helps.
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