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Originally Posted by Me2 View Post
I tried a small plug-in extender , but it relied on having a wi-fi signal to it, therefore it never worked as the signal that is there is very, very week. If I can find one that plugs into the ethernet , I guess I might be able to run a cable up there. I'll google extenders and see.
First you could move your existing extender to a location closer to the original router so that you have a stronger wifi signal at the extender from the router, then, hopefully, you'll have a strong enough signal from the extender at the location you need the wifi coverage.

Or if you're able to run an ethernet cable from the original router to a closer location, then you can simple use an additional router as a repeater for your original router. It really doesn't matter what kind of router you use. There are lots of info on the web as to how to do this. Here's one I found

If your secondary router has the ability to use third party firmware like DD-WRT or Tomato, then you could also add VPN to the secondary router which would give you the ability to watch US TV channels here in Mexico.
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