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America Car Rental is just one of the rental agencies that's in our 'former' list. Over the many years we've been renting vehicles in this region, we've rented from quite a few. To date, Avant is the best, hands down. We hope they keep up the good work.

What we didn't like about America Car Rental

* Vehicles were old, slammers. Every time we rented from them.

* Their choice of meeting spot is smack in the middle of the chaotic arrivals area, outside. Very difficult to find their rep.

* Each time we rented from them, we had to search for quite a while. No doubt serving other passengers, but they should have a secondary rep staying in place with a sign so at least someone is there.

* Although we had pre-registered and reserved a vehicle in advance, when we arrived at their off-site office, paperwork took nearly an hour to complete. Small, smelly office, and it took far too long.

* Returning the vehicle to their off-site office - rep looking it over was on a mission to find something wrong that we had done. He was literally, and I mean literally, crawling underneath the car, scrutinizing every inch of the vehicle. I understand they're looking for damage, but frankly, this guy was an asshat. That was the final straw with AmericaCar Rental, for us.

If others have had great experiences with them, that's cool. We just find Avant much more customer centric, much faster with pick up & drop off, and just a lot friendlier. The fact that they've provided brand new vehicles each time is awfully nice too. To each their own.

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