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Thanks again to all of you for giving me tips and advice. I sincerely appreciate it. I think we are going to rent a car for the Akumal portion of our trip and probably will go with Avant, since nobody has a bad thing to say about them. I have to admit, I do not LIKE renting cars in Mexico. The last time we rented one (I forget which company) there was some kind of hassle when we returned it and I remember it got us all worked up.

BUT it is nice having a car to get groceries, or take little side trips. We might want to go to Tulum one day or do other things and it will be nice to have the freedom to just hop in the car and go.

I am looking forward to trying all of the restaurants you have all suggested. As I said, we've only been to Akumal a couple of times for day trips and don't really know the area. We did snorkel in Yal-ku once and also in Akumal Bay, but it was an overcast day and not the best visibility, so I am hoping we can get some better snorkeling in on this trip.

Please keep the tips coming. I am keeping notes of all of your suggestions!
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