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OK, now that you'll have wheels

I highly suggest exploring. There are some awesome restaraunts in Tulum, and it's best to park the car & just walk to find them. Follow your nose, is the best advice I can offer. That's what we do, and we found a few gems. One of them offers sotol, a cousin-to-tequila liquor not commonly found in this region. I fell in love after the first sip, and the diiner there was the best meal I had in the two weeks we were there this year. Sorry, I'm not naming it

If you imbibe, there's also a fantastic liquor store in Tulum with a great selection, and awesome prices.

Highly suggest a trip to Coba. The talavera store and other nice markets along the way are worth the trip alone, however the ruins are fantastic. Suggest getting bicycles or hiring one at the entrance to save time between the ruin sites. Hire a guide for certain. Coba is fantastic. If you're having fun exploring, continue on to Valladolid. Park at city center and walk. Have a wonderful lunch there, and bring your camera. I have enlargements hanging on our walls from this beautiful town.

Another great day trip is a drive down to Sian Ka'an biosphere. Stop along the way for photos, beach time, and perhaps a beach bar or two. Adventurers? See if you can make it to Punta Allen. If you do, grab a hotel for the night and enjoy off the grid.

Explore the cenotes. There're so many, and imho, the best swimming/snorkeling you can do while there.

Bottom line, make use of the wheels. I promise you, you wont regret it.
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