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Live from Akumal and Isla Mujeres

Hola, Amigos! This report will be a little different than past reports as I am going to write it live from Mexico and add to it as we go. Please bear with me because photos and videos will be inserted later, after we get home, as I don't have the set-up to do that here.

Day 1 - travel day

Flew from PHL to CUN on Frontier. Flight was fine and just a couple of comments about Frontier. It's a budget airline and NOTHING is included so be prepared to fork over some dough if you want a soda or anything. Also, the seats are different than other airlines. They are thinner and firmer and more cramped. I think they use the thinner profile seats so they can cram more bodies on the plane. And of course...our luck...we had small children in front of us and behind us. The kids in front of us didn't shut up the entire trip and the kid behind us sounded like he was hacking up a lung. But who cares? We are on our way to Mexico, our favorite vacation destination!

We sailed through immigration and customs and then we were off to get our rental car. We booked with Caribbean (tried to book with Avant but they never got back to me). It was a little tricky because Caribbean does not have an office AT the airport. They send a driver to pick you up and you have to track them down in the chaos outside the terminal. Complicating matters further, they also go by the name American. Not sure what that is all about. Anyway, it didn't take us long to find our guy and within a few minutes we left for the rental car office.

At the office we confirmed our reservation (which I had made prior to the trip on Caribbean's website) and I could tell there was some kind of concern as our rep was talking with the guy who fetches the car. Reading between the lines, I think they were out of the type of car we reserved (automatic economy). He told me we were in luck because he was going to give me a "much, much nicer car". I was expecting the worst, like a huge cargo van or some other gigantic gas guzzler, but he was actually telling me the truth. We got a late model Audi! No complaints here.

My only complaint about the car rental experience (so far) is that once we were done with that rep, we were sent to another rep who (supposedly) would go over the remaining details, like map, drop-off process, etc. Well, this was true, but his MAIN objective was to promote and sell tickets to Cirque du Soleil. We told him we already saw the show (which was partially true since we've seen 3 Cirque shows before, although not this specific one) and that stopped him in his tracks.

Then we went out and went over the car with a fine tooth comb, photographing every ding and defect. The rep assisting us was nice enough but actually asked us for a tip, which we thought was a bit much.

Finally on the way to Akumal! On the way down, we swung into Playa to stop at the Mega and we loaded up on snacks and beverages. Then it was back on the road to Akumal.

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